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Hot Thai Bar Girls Fucking

You might know these Bangkok hookers and Pattaya whores from your latest Thailand sex trip

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June 27 2013
Posted by Hannah  [ 22:34 ]
Beautiful Thai lady banged on my sex trip
Hey folks, I just want to share some photos and of course the video, which I made on my latest 2012 Spring vacation sex trip to Thailand. I found that beautiful Thai lady, with a skinny body, nice silicon titties and a super small snatch just nearby by guest house. I took her upstairs while she was still a little bit intoxicated from last nights party. I didn't care and banged what I can get out of her moist Asian vagina. And Of course I uploaded the video to ThaiGirlsWild.

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March 03 2012
Posted by Hannah  [ 16:51 ]
Lovely babe fucked on Pattaya sextape
Hey, today I a got a nice video gallery for you, with one super cute aGogGo dancer. She was short of cash during rainy season, when not so many tourists are coming down to Pattaya. The offer to get filmed for Thai Girls Wild came at the right time for that lovely babe and she agreed to get her young fuck box pounded, while all the action, will be kept on a sextape. You gotta see these super slim and extremely good looking aGogo girl, as she gets screwed into her amateur snatch. Watch that video and you can see, that she definitely not only fucks for the cash, but instead really enjoys the dick, because cocks are rare during that period, even for super sexy bar sluts.
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February 10 2012
Posted by Hannah  [ 18:45 ]
Naughty bitch posing naked on Bangkok roof top
Tailynn is a upscale model that mostly whores for the rich in some expensive Bangkok hotels. See the that sexy bitch exposing her succulent ass and her juicy Asian vagina on a hotel roof top. Tailynn is all dressed up and very naughty for an fetish night. Like a rubbers sex doll with boots on, she does anything her western or even more perverted Japanese customers demand. As she is extremely submissive, she doesn't need to play a role and all these strange sexual desires are all naturally matching her slave character.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 17:20 ]
Tourist porn pics of sexy bar girls fucking
You might know some of these walking street sluts, maybe you leased one of these sex bar girl pussy for a short time affair or you were fucking a Bangkok whore during your yearly trip. Anyway beside of a large collection of private Thai sex pics with cute asian sluts, you can also see all the homemade hardcore movies, which Mr. Klaus makes, when he fucks horny Thai strippers.

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Posted by Hannah  [ 17:06 ]
Mr. Klaus makes sextapes with Patpong prostitutes
Mr. Klaus is one crazy guy, he has dedicated part of his life to Thai whores, whenever he bangs a prostitute or spends a night with bar girl, he has his film equipment with. You can watch his huge archive of bar girl sextapes and all of his ten thousand porn images of Patpong pussies he has already made. I believe it was a tough choice he had to make, when he had to decide for one out of these hotties at a cheap bar. Watch the galleries to see which of the chicks her finally screwed!

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Posted by Hannah  [ 16:22 ]
Thai hooker takes self shot photos
Noi's daddy was an American sex tourist that gave pregnancy to her mom, who was working in a Walking Street brothel at that time. Now when, Noi is 18 years old and already made some experiences as a hooker she takes self shots of herself for a mail order brides catalog, because she wants to find her dad in USA. Like many ladies down here, she takes hot Thai girl self shot pictures, because many of them are desperately seeking for a wealthy man that would probably marry them, if only their pics are very naughty.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 16:01 ]
Naughty asian ex gf givea a blowjob in the bathtub
My lovely ex gf is a mic out of a Korean mom and her Thai father. She was a the hell of a sexy babe and everyone wanted to be her boyfriend. Our affair suddenly ended, when she met an rich older guy. Like many Pattaya ex girlfriends, she forgot all her promises and that she told me she would love me forever. Now, she is just one ex gf from Sunee Plaza, that cheated and i no longer give a shit about her. I'am sharing all our private porn pics and you can see how cute she was when she gave me a hot blowjob, when taking a bath.

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Posted by Hannah  [ 14:40 ]
I screwed that sexy Filipina wearing pantyhose
When i lodged in the Seasons Botanic Gardens in Australia, i called an hot Filipina escort from Melbourne for an outcall visit to my apartment. I told her on the phone, that i wish her to wear pantyhose and see through outfits, because that's what makes me most horny. I basically wanted to screw her like that mouth gagged pantyhose Thai, which i saw some time ago on a asian porn blog. I was also inspired by a blog post with porn video of a Thai fucking in pantyhose, which i couldn't easily forget. My sexy Filipina escort brought a nice shiny pantyhose with and wore a transparent bodysuit on top of it. I made a sextape and some pics of that hosed slut screwing and shared it all at
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Posted by Hannah  [ 14:11 ]
Expose your beautiful Thai girlfriend
Exposing your beautiful Thai girlfriends or your hot exgf is not bad, you can be totally proud of her. Any posting of private movies or homemade pics of real Gogo dancers is very welcome at That's a great place to share your asian gf or to contribute any nudes of stripping sluts or coyote dancers. so, if you had a pretty Thai girlfriend or you own some hottie clips, feel free to share them or download the huge collection of private stuff, that has been submitted by real amateurs.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 13:53 ]
Bangkok whores on submitted sex pictures
Check out what your Bangkok ex girlfriend is doing after you left her alone when your vacation was finished. On this submitted sex pictures you can see a bunch of submitted photos of Bangkok hooker girls fucking. You think your gf is honest, better check out these contributed and find out if she is really not cheating on you, while you are working hard to save your money to fly over there and to see her again.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 13:27 ]
Fucking and filming that skinny stripper was fun
She was the attraction of a smutty table dance bar in Patpong and she knew how to shake her butt and make suggesting moves with her hips. I fell in love with that skinny stripper and took, that bitch with. At home in my room, i switched my camera on and started filming that Thai bitch fucking in my hotel, while i anally stroked her backdoor and recorded a POV video. When you make holiday in Patpong and you want to make your own sextape, ask for Thainee, she is always willing and ready to please.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 12:52 ]
Young model make a living from whoring
Actually Thainee is a killer hottie, especially available for guys who like very slim teen bitches with a skinny body and ultra small titties. You can usually look her up at Boyztown, where she sells her cunt for 20 dollars a day in a Karoke bar. Thainee is more the girlfriend type or butterfly model, than those very cheap whores. She's highly skilled and has a lot of tricks, when it comes to squeeze as much spunk out of your boner as possible.You can also let that Pattaya teen wear boots, when you take her out to a dicso or clubbing, if you feel it is more sexy and beautiful.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 11:56 ]
This cute bar girl is a dirty fetish slut
That huge tit silicon hooker, is not as straight as someone would think. She id different from other cute Thai bar girls and her favorite type of clothes are rubber corsets, latex suspender belts and slutty fishnet stockings. Once she that women is dressed up like a dirty fetish slut, there is nothing she won't do for you. You can chain her, put her in suspension and use her as your personal submissive Thai slave whore, as long as you stay in Phuket.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 11:34 ]
I introduced a prostitute named Pim to hardcore sex
Pim wanted to fuck me over, by asking for a lot of cash and gifts, but only give tender sex to me. What a fuck, i came to Bangkok to hardcore screw these bitches down here. I didn't give a damn about Pim's complaints and taught her a hardcore lesson. She is a prostitute and in my opinion has not right, to complain about putting toys in her ass or gagging on a deep throat blowjob. Watch out her sex videos, see how i ripped her see through leggings, handcuffed that whore and boned her young hooker box to a killer climax.
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February 09 2012
Posted by Hannah  [ 22:57 ]
Pictures of my 10 bucks Thai girlfriend
My vacation budget was limited and i had no other choice than to shag cheap whores, under 10 bucks a day. Luckily i found a bar girl named Pin, she was not a beauty queen but acceptable for that low price. She was a skinny Thai prostitute and specialized in dirty bastards like me, that want to spend more on beer and whiskey than on nasty street walkers.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 22:46 ]
My xxl dick was way to big for her tight pussy
My horny Thai girlfriend from Pattaya has a small sized vagina, but loves huge xxl dicks more than her mommy. It was a lot of enjoyment to force my smelling penis in her extremely tiny pussy. I never heard a young whore shouting so loud and moaning like crazy. I screwed her deep into all her pretty holes and showed that loudly screaming 18 years old slut, how to handle my big cock.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 22:30 ]
If you come to Thailand cream that hooker
Beside of anally banging her tight vagina you can also cream that horny Thai hooker anyway you wish. No, don't take soap she really prefers natural semen and shortly before you jizz on her, she will ask if she should swallow your cum or spit it out. Oh yes, you can also give her a creampie on her shaved pussy or cum in her anus, she will proudly allow you to take some photos, so that you can remember her more better when you are back from your sex vaction.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 22:19 ]
She was in a fuck me silly mood
The other day found her boozed and totally slammed in laying on the floor a dirty bar. I observed at least 5 guys, who rammed their dirty dick, in her innocent Thai pussy without asking as the other bar mates were watching. Instead of helping that innocent girl, they cheered and applauded at anyone who screwed that helpless teen bitch.
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Posted by Hannah  [ 22:01 ]
A slut whore you should bang
I can only advice you to bang this freelancing slut if you eventually meet her, but you normally won't find her without a cock either in her tight Asian pussy or in her crazy asshole. You must watch out for her in the evening, most of the times she walks on the Pattaya beach road and flashes in public, when she takes a break from fucking. Just tell her that you saw that sexy gallery and that you like tit flashing sluts. You will most likely get a discounted rate if you first buy her a meal at Burger King, before you let her pull down her cum stained panties and fuck her in a public toilet. Have fun!!!
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